Health & Safety Policy

We have introduced personal safety awarenewss programme as a technique for auditing unsafe act/unsafe conditions. We implement following accident prevention measures at site

• Strict adherences to the contractors/consultants/clients safety work permit system that is in full compliance with United Arab Emirates industrial health and safety at work act.
• Supervision by well trained and competent site supervisor.
• Self audits by our site personnel to take preventative action if any unsafe conditions or acts are found at site.
• Good accident reporting system that encourages employees to report accidents including near misses.
• Promt implementation of preventative/corrective actions recommended by contractors/consultants/clients.

Safe Work Practices and standard

We Provide our emplyees with proper protective equipment that shall be used/worn as specified in appropriate work permit issued for the job to be Performed. We follow the PPE requirements as per the code of construction safety practice adopted under the local order 61/1991 by Dubai muncipality.

Occupations Health & Safety

WIt is the legal responsibility of M/s Srhan Decor to ensure the protection of health and safety of our employees. Accordingly the General Manager accepts the overall responsibility for safety and health policy formation and implementation; in turn managers, Supervisors and all employees ( direct or sub-contracted) are responsible for the health and safety duties allotted to them. To ensure occupational health and sefty we provide basic amenities are work place and insist our employees to maintain good house kepping.

we recongnize that protection of our employees, property, the public and the environment are essential to the efficient and successful completion of every contract work we undertake.

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